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History of the RACES Repeater

A bit of the history of 147.210. The original repeater was built and maintained by Bob Stanard, K0BZK, of the BPU Radio Department, in the early 70's. It operated under RACES rules, with the input frequency in the range (not 147.81-that freq was not authorized under RACES.)

The repeater, callsign WR0ABJ, using all Motorola tube-type gear, was located on 2 water towers, with the receiver at Valley & Lawrence Av. in the Argentine District and the transmitter on the water tower behind the National Guard Armory at 20th & Ridge. A leased telephone line connected the two sites. In 1981, maintenence issues and (mainly) the expense of the leased line led then-director Don Millsap, W0IQK (ex-K0CZT) to order a new Motorola Micor repeater and Sinclair duplexer. The single-site repeater was located on City Hall at 7th & Ann and is currently the stand-by repeater. The Micor underwent a thorough checkup during 2005, gaining a new ID'er and remote control circuitry. The antenna is a Decibel Products DB-222E on the west side of the City Hall helipad. This is a directional antenna, with the favored direction to the west. Antenna height restrictions at City Hall, due to the helipad, limited that repeater to a smaller antenna.

In 1996, the City obtained a grant for a new repeater and a Motorola Quantar with a Sinclair duplexer was acquired. This is the current repeater, and is located on the water tower at 51st & Gibbs Road. The antenna system consists of a Decibel Products DB-224 antenna in directional configuration, with coverage shaded to the northwest. This repeater also underwent a thorough checkup in 2005. The Gibbs Road site has a standby generator.

It's noteworthy that both of the repeaters were ordered from the manufacturer as amateur repeaters. They are not converted surplus.

Both are owned and maintained by the Emergency Management Department.

Information provided by Bill Barnes, WB0NSQ

These are the radio frequencies used during severe weather across the Kansas City metro area.
City of Paola
147.360 +
3.920 HF
7.253.5 HF
Douglas County ARES
147.030 + 
146.760 -
444.900 +  tone 88.5
145.030 local packet
Johnson County RACES                    
145.470 -  tone 151.4
443.000 +
145.390 SSTV
Johnson County ARES
145.290 -  tone 151.4
147.240 +
147.570 simplex
146.520 simplex
3.920 HF
7.270 HF
State of Kansas Emergency Operations Center
145.270 -
3.920 HF
Leavenworth County ARES/RACES              
147.000 +  tone 151.4
Leavenworth County Emergency Management
Linn County                          
147.285 +
3.920 HF
7.253.5 HF
Miami County ARES                                        
147.360 +
444.700 +
Shawnee County ARES
145.270 -
3.920 HF
Wyandotte County RACES             
147.210 +  tone 151.4
3.920 HF
Shawnee Radio Club
145.210 -
Buchanan County
146.850 -  tone 100.0
Carroll County
146.655 -
Cass County ARES
147.120 +
146.580 simplex
444.025 +  tone 186.2
City of Chillicothe (reception within 16 county area centered on Chillicothe Mo)
147.225 + 
Clay County
146.790 -
Henry County
154.980 +
Jackson County ARES West
146.970 -
147.270 +
Jackson County east
146.700 -
Johnson County "East Skywarn"
146.880 -  tone 107.2
Lafayette County (linked with east skywarn)
146.775 -
Macon County (Macon, Linn, Randolph, Adair, Knox, Shelby counties)
146.805 -  
Platte County
147.330 +
Pettis County (linked with east skywarn)
147.030 -  tone 179.2
Ray County
147.375 +
City of Independence
145.310 -
City of Raytown
145.170 -
KC Metro "Kansas City Skywarn"
146.820 -
City of Excelsior Springs "North and Northeast Skywarn"
145.190 -  tone 107.2
City of Kirksville
145.130 -
City of Sedalia Emergency Management
State of Missouri Emergency Operations Center
147.000 +  tone 127.3